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Kaylee tuener


Does our eye color get lighter as we age?

I wonder will our eyes color get lighter when we become older? Why?
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  • Michelle leonard


    Yeah, we all know that the eye color often is the genetic trait from our mother and father. As usual, black, brown, blue, gray, green, hazel or some combination of colors is the common color of our eyes. If you know a little knowledge about the genetics, I think you should know the combination of the genes. Human eye color originates with three genes instead of two genes, so it is a tough work to figure out the combination result of the genes. Although, we know the colored part of the eye is called the iris, which has pigmentation determining the color of out eyes. At the same time, the iris plays an important in expanding and controlling pupil size, so when we are getting older, the color of eyes will change according to the pupil size. So when you notice your kids' eyes' color changed, just be relax.
  • Jeff


    Some people's eyes may become darker, but most people's eyes might get lighter as aged. According to modern medical research, there is a layer covering the iris, which contains pigment. These pigment granules will drop in number after being irradiated by UV or polluted by dust particle. And the eye color gets lightened, much the way our hair and skin change the color as we age. The decisive factor is genes, which manipulate our body at the very first. However, there are still some ways to defer senility and lighten eyes color: 1. Enough sleep; 2. A scientific and adequate diet; 3. Exercise regularly; 4. Live in a health and clean environment.
  • Ari


    Our eyes color is usually fixed with the genetic gene. At our young age, it is fixed. However, with the age growing, our eyes color may become light. The eye protein decomposition may increase this step. However, older men may easily get the eye disease which is born to be, like the far sighted eyes.
  • EDWIN Caster


    Well, in fact ,the color of our eyes will not change with the passage of time. Because generally speaking, our eye color is decided right before our birth by the genes , or put it another way, our DNA. So, perhaps you might notice something change in our eyes but basically , the eye color will remain the same no matter how old we are. So, you don't have to be worried about that. However, some people's eye color will change due to genetic sudden change, but they are rarely seen.