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Faith cook


What is the eyeglasses style that tina fey often wears?

I like the eyeglasses style that tina fey wearing. Can you tell me what the style of her eyeglasses? Is it still popular?
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  • Brooke peters


    It's similar to Clark Kent style glasses. Superman depended on his glasses to help conceal his secret identity - mild, mannered reporter Clark Kent. Find the perfect frames for your alter ego in this selection of frames similar to those worn by stars portraying Clark Kent through the years from Smallville to Metropolis, dating back to the 1940s. These frames are available with prescription lenses, plano (non-prescription) lenses or no lens at all (frame only).
  • bell


    Often hailed as the ''goddess of the geek'', Tina Fey looks really smart and intelligent in her classic 50's style frames. This super woman tells the world celebrity appeal can shake an industry and lead a trend. Her eyeglasses style resembles in great measure Clark Kent the Superman. Black and full-rimmed, they can add to your charm.