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What are the features of titanium eyeglasses frames ?

I am considering to buy titanium glasses, can you tell me some features of titanium eyeglasses frames ?
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  • Colleen


    titanium eyeglasses frames are the latest material applied to eyeglasses frames. People are fond of titanium glasses frames because they are light weight, durable, bendable and flexible. with titanium eyeglasses frames, you won't worry the glasses will cause indentation on your nose. And they are bendable and won't be easy break. Even if you twist the glasses, they will return to its at least 80% original shape. So, it is really worthy to buy titanium glasses frames.
  • Elijah


    Titanium is one material that is used in eyeglasses. And titanium eyeglasses frames are usually more expensive than others. This kind of glasses frame is lightweight, blendable and flexible. It can restore to its original shape after being bended to some extent. So titanium eyeglasses are especially suitable for children and those who are hard on their glasses. What's more, titanium glasses frame is hypoallergenic, so it won't cause skin reaction.
  • christian


    titanium eyeglasses frame is the optimum material for eyewear to wear. It is lighter and stronger than other materials of the glasses frame. People may find it much more comfortable to wear titanium eyeglasses. Moreover, titanium eyeglasses frames are corrosion resistant, flexible and blendable. So they are very safe for eyewear. On the other hand, it will become fragile afte it is been heated.