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Is it safe to wear contacts with swimming goggles when swimming?

I know it is not safe to swimming with contacts, but what if I wear contacts with swimming goggles?
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  • Randy C


    I don't think it is a safety way. If you need vision aids, why not choose prescription swimming goggles. Now, with the advance of technology, prescription swim goggles are available. You can also find it online. Of course, you shall prepare your current eye prescription before you buy it. Good luck
  • charger101


    Of course, you can wear contacts with swimming goggles when swimming. But you should be careful with your contacts. When you are underwater, you shouldn't take off your swimming goggles in case your contacts fall out of your eyes. Or the water can easily get into your eyes and cause eye infection if you take off your goggles when swimming. So you must be careful.

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