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Can dry eyes be reversed?

My eyes feel dry in recent days. Can it be reversed? Any idea to help me?
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  • Paige williams


    First of all, pls relax yourself. Dry eyes are very common in our daily life, so there are many ways fro you to reverse it. You can just take some eye drops with you so that you can put some into your eyes when you feel your eyes are dry. That is to say, when you get to know your eyes are uncomfortable because of dryness, the drops can help you remove the dryness. In addition, if you are not lucky or you just forget to take the drops, pls be ease. You can make your eyes blink again and again, then there will be some artificial tears, which will also help you reverse the dry eyes. Besides, there is another easy way that is the most convenient and easiest, yeah, you are right, ask fr help from your eye doctor, then I think everything will be OK. Lol:)
  • christraper


    Generally speaking, you should know that if you do not have the necessary balance of tears to coat the eye, you may have dry eye. The potential causes for dry eye include hereditary, immune-mediated, drug-induced, surgically induced, or chronic allergic eyelid disease, so you should be careful about it. For your situation, you can try some prescription eye drops, and drink more water. By the way, you can just take some foods which are rich in vitamin a. Vitamin a is good for the dry eyes. So just have a try.
  • Robert Johnson


    If there have no virus infection in your eyes, it may be caused by long time's eye use to lead eyes fatigue and blurred vision. Please pay attention to relaxation and have a good rest. Eye drops of artificial tears will help you a lot in a short time. Doing massage by yourself every after two hours' eye use and watching far distance view from the windows. Vitamin B2, vitamin A and C will also help in a food way. However, the other reason of dry eyes may be caused by the common term of xerosis of conjunctiva. It's the eyes symptom of tear film's pathological change, thus the cornea and conjunctiva without normal moist and feel dry. It will lead to blurred vision in a long time. Different reason needs different therapy method in early time. You would try some eye drop and supply some vitamin A to diminish inflammation, or go to a doctor if this way is invalid.

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