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Alexandria taylor


Do big eyes make you look younger?

It seems everyone like big eyes. So, i just want to know if big eyes can make people look younger?
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  • evelyn12


    Ok, I can see that you want to appear younger and more energetic. Anyway, as to your question, the answer is not definite, because as you can see, big eyes are not a precondition of youth, that depends on your age, your looks and what you wear. But sometimes, big eyes do make you appear better and vigorous, I would recommend that you try to care about your skin and what you wear, most importantly, confidence, which guarantees your young heart.
  • gwynnie


    Big eyes present a sense of intelligent, bright, most importantly, they present the feel of energy. And you are right, big eyes do make people look younger. So most of people like to use makeup like eyeliner and eye shadow to make their eyes look bigger. There are some women even choose to get cosmetic surgery to perpetually change their small eyes form to big eyes. For me, a people look good because of their confidence, and the sense their eye conveyed. So the color or seize mean little to me.

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