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Does albinism affect eyesight?

I heard that albinism can affect eyesight. Is this true? How?
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  • Logan quick


    Well, yes, it can just affect your eyesight. Generally speaking, you should know that when a person is unable to produce melanin, he or she may be diagnosed with a condition known as albinism. It is a congenital condition that comes in different forms as a result of several genetic variations. And sometimes it can just exhibit a pink or lavender tint to the eyes. According to some experts, this kind of disorder can result in complications with vision. So you should be careful about it.
  • Angela tuener


    Yes, it is true that albinism can affect eyesight. Albinism is a relatively common skin melanin and the disease causing its subsidiary organs lack. Due to the lack of tyrosinase, congenital or tyrosinase hypothyroidism, the melanin synthesis occur disorder in the whole body. It is caused by the genetic vitiligo. The patients are usually causing the skin all over the body and hair. The eye retinal has five pigments. The iris and pupil present light pink. They will be afraid of light, seeing things always in narrow vision. It may to some degree affect the eyesight. They need to drink more water. They need to have the good diet, good sleep and so on to protect the eyes and body carefully.

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