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What are the trends and styles in children's sunglasses?

I am planning to buy my son a pair of sunglasses. Do you know what kind of kids' sunglasses are in trend? I need some suggestions.
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  • John eddy


    The first style in children's sunglasses is mimics of adult sunglasses that are cool, sophisticated and trendy. Another fashion style is colorful plastic sunglasses which are preferred by children. sports eyewear is also preferred by children.
  • Dazza


    There are my favorite Children's Sunglasses Styles in this summer, such as Double D sunglasses, the original Iced Flavors style, Divalicious Licorice Ice and the Deliciously Diva Licorice Ice styles.
  • Cassidy


    Clip-on sunglasses are the trend in children's sunglasses due to their reasonable prices and convenience. Most children are becoming as brand-conscious as adult, so they tend to wear sunglasses with a name brand. In a word, children prefer to follow their parents' styles when choosing sunglasses.