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Can you wear prescription eyeglasses together with swimming goggles?

I want to swim but I need to wear prescription glasses to see well under water. I wonder if swimming goggles can fit over prescription glasses.
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  • cwalsman


    I don't think swimming goggles will fit over your prescription eyeglasses. Also you will feel quite uncomfortable by wearing two pairs of eyewears. Maybe you can try wear contacts and swimming goggles together.
  • eddy


    Have you ever head that goggles can also be made to your prescription? I think you can wear prescription swimming goggles instead of wearing two pairs of eyewear around your head. But you need to make sure your prescription is proper to be made in prescription goggles as the lenses are much bigger than regular ones.
  • walksonfloors


    I never see people wear two pairs of glasses the same time. That will make you feel uncomfortable. I suggest you get a pair of prescription swimming goggles when you go swimming.

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