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What is Monovision lasik correction?

I can't understand the monovision lasik correction. Can anybody explain it fully?
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  • Gabriella


    Monovision is a technique used by doctors for correcting presbyopia with contact lenses. With monovision, one eye is fit to fully correct your distance vision, while the other eye is fit to correct your near vision. The same approach doctors use to fit monovision contact lenses can be applied to LASIK. With monovision LASIK, your surgeon performs LASIK to make your dominant eye perfect and your non-dominant eye nearsighted. If you are already nearsighted, the surgeon may laser your dominant eye only and leave your non-dominant eye alone, or he or she may laser your non-dominant eye just partially.
  • walkamong123


    Monovision lasik correction is used to correct vision in one eye for distance and the other eye for close up. So people who have monovision lasik correction don't need reading glasses even if they are over 40.

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