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Is it possible to reduce myopia by doing eye exercises?

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  • 04/12/2012

    Seldom.Doing eye glasses will prevent your eye from getting myopia.But after you have got nearsighted,doing eye exercises can just reduce your eye strain or tired but can’t reduce myopia.
  • Thomas oliver


    Some people said that eye exercise can help reduce myopia while some people believe that eye exercise has nothing to do with vision problems but they can help reduce eye strain. I think the best way to reduce myopia is to have your eyesight checked and then buy a pair of prescription glasses.


    I have mild myopia. I have tried many ways to reduce it. But most of them don't work. I had spent two months without watching TV or playing computer games in summer holiday. I suddenly found that my eyesight was improved. So I think the best way to reduce myopia is to reduce the time that we spend on TV or computers. Hope this works for you too!
  • Cassidy bell


    I have seen that Chinese medicines and acupuncture can be helpful to some kinds of vision problems. I am a Chinese. I doubt that whether this kind of method can be applied in other countries because the acupuncture seems terrible to me. I don't know whether foreigners can accept it or not. But the most famous doctors are all in China, so nobody can perform this kind of treatment to them. But you can try some Chinese medicines. Usually they are made by herbs and they are natural elements so there will be fewer side effects. But it will take a long time to get a satisfying result. Good luck!
  • Chenely


    If you can persist on doing eye exercise for a long time, you can improve your eyesight. But most people are too lazy so they can't persist on doing it. So they seems to achieve nothing in the end. Besides, it is possible for children to improve their eyesight because their eyes are under development. And the eyes are more flexible. As to adults, it is difficult to improve their eyesight because all the organs are mature and began to degenerate as they age.