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Why do my eyes turn red when i wear eyeshadow?

Every time after I wear my eyeshadow, my eyes usually turn red. What does that mean? Does that mean that I am suffering from an eye disease?
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  • Arianna


    If your eyes turn red only when you wear your eyeshadow, i am afraid that your eye problem is caused by your eyeshadow. Maybe you have brought a inferior eyeshadow but you are left in the dark about the case, so your eyes always turn red when you use it, and my suggestion is to change another brand of eyeshadow. In addition, you may get skin sensibility because of the material of eyeshadow, i suggest you not wear eyeshadow in such a situation.
  • Angelica


    Your eyes may be so sensitive to the eye shadow which contains the stimulating irritates. Your red eyes must be painful and uncomfortable. You should better stop using the eye shadow and treat your redness of the eyes by using the eye drops with anti-inflammation. The warm compress is also a good way that you may take for consideration.
  • Cary


    It can mean that you are suffering from an allergic reaction to the eyeshadow you are wearing. You know, the skin around the eyes is delicate, perhaps your eyeshadow contains the components which stimulate your eyes. Stop using your eyeshadow now and do not apply any makeup onto your eyes during this period. You can consider using another brand of eyeshadow which suits you after recovery. By the way, you can drip some anti-inflammation eye drops to relieve the redness of your eyes. Or apply warm compresses onto the eyes also help. Wish you better soon.