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Can dry eyes cause night blindness?

I think I kind of have night blindness, but I am not so sure. Can that be caused by my dry eyes?
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  • Luthy


    Well, yes, dry eyes can lead to night blindness. Generally speaking, night blindness is a kind of condition which is difficulty or full lost of sight during nighttime or dimly lighted room. And that means your eyes cannot adjust properly to changes in illumination. And according to some experts, when you experience dry eyes, it is possible to have night blindness. Also, the most significant cause of night blindness is Vitamin A deficiency. Of course, night blindness can exist when someone was born. For night blindness, some other symptoms such as headache and blurred vision can be possible too. And it can be kind of dangerous to have it. So just take some measures as soon as possible.
  • Jacqueline warren


    Yes, dryness of the eyes may cause the night blindness. There are many reasons for the dryness of the eyes. If you sit in front of the computers for a long time with little rest, your eyes may tend to be dry. If you lack the vitamin C, your eyes could also be dry. You need to pay attention to it. You need to have the good rest and good diet to avoid the dryness of the eyes.
  • eisenstiefel


    People with Night blindness can not see clearly things move from bright area to dark area. It can be very annoying when you need drive at night. The cause of night blindness is often about the problem retina which may cause by cataracts. People with myopia or nearsightedness can also have night blindness. Besides this, lack of nutrition can also cause this problem. Dry eye has no direct connection with night blindness, but both this two conditions can be caused by one reason. I think you'd better seek for help from your doctor. There are many causes for eye condition. it's not easy to determine the cause by yourself.

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