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How to avoid getting dry eyes from the computer?

I have to sit in front of my computer all day coz of my work, does anyone know how to avoid getting dry eyes from the computer?
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  • Jada shelley


    As we know, our eyes will get dry because of long time sitting in front of the computers. Your eyes will get tired and dry. In order to avoid getting dry eyes from the computer, you could wear the computer goggles to prevent from the radiation. You could have the rest for the eyes after about 40 minutes in front of the computer. You should also drink tea which could make your eyes get moisture.
  • eeelisa814


    Well, in fact there is computer glasses which is designed for IT personnel. This kind of glasses can prevent radiation. In fact, you feel your eye is dried, that is an implication of tired. So, you had better take a break every one hour and look far into the distance. You can see the green treas and let your eyes relax. Then you can take eye drops. When you come home, you can take mask which is designed for your eyes.
  • emo_pain_818


    It is common for people getting dry eyes after staring at the computer or smart phone screens for a long time. If you want to protect your eyes and reduce the chances of your eyes get dry, you can follow the following methods. The first is blink. The reason why you get dry eyes while using computer is that you eye blinks less when staring at the screens. So try blink your eyes now and then, you can keep your eyes wet. Another important method is taking rest. You should have a rest very one hour; you can look out your window and try to focus some thing in a long distance for about ten minutes. It will help relax your eye muscles. What's more, you can set your screen's brightness. Don't make your screen too bright.

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