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Zoe murphy


Can you be born with myopia?

Just for curious, can people be born with myopia? Can that be cured?
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  • Gabriel peters


    Yes, people can be born with myopia because of the genetic genes. It can be cured by the wearing with eyeglasses. When the age is old enough to take the surgery, the myopia could be treated fully. However before that, one should protect the eyes carefully, not sitting in front of the computers or tvs for a long time.
  • eomer_byrom


    Yes, some people can be born with myopia. This is called congenital myopia, also known as infantile myopia. The reason which causes congenital myopia, is either genetically or pathologically. In most cases, congenital myopia is characterized by slight fundus changes. As a result, it is hard to change congential myopia, however sometimes it can get improved. So to these children, it is necessary to have an ophthalmic care. Since they are born with myopia, it is important to prescribe vision correction to prevent amblyopia.
  • Sara scott


    There is no gene for myopia has been discovered, but myopia can be hereditary. Heredity often happens when both the parents are myopic. High myopia is more likely to be inherited. There are many people born with myopia and in my experience their eyesight are irreversible. Congenital myopia can also caused by an obstruction along the visual pathway. When children show the sigh of vision problem, the parents should notice it and take care of it. Many people's eye problem is due to the lack of treatment when they were kids. Wearing eye glasses is the common way to treat myopia.

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