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Can drinking moonshine cause blindness ?

Is it possible to get blindness from drinking too much moonshine? If so, is there any good way to stop it?
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  • Matthew


    There is an old saying: no wine, no banquet. Drinking has already become a custom in many countries. In many occasions such as wedding, funeral, ceremony and so on, wine is the necessity. But it's possible to get blindness if you drink too much moonshine. As we all know that methanol is contened in moonsight. And if people take in too much methanol, it is easily to get to be poisoned. If you are poisoned heavily, you may get blindness. Drinking moonshine also lead vasodilators, which falls eyesight and blues vision, even causes blindness. What's worse, it also has impact on brain, liver, skin, blood pressure and so on. However, drinking sensibly is good for one's health. Drinking sensibly can activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis; it also can up top and dress wounds. According to medical specialists, an adult male cannot drink more than 25 grams of moonshine, and female can not drink more than 15 grams of moonshine. And women can drink 150 grams of wines made from grape per day, which is helpful in digestion and skin nourishment.
  • ebarnes1621


    Yes, it is possible for you to get blindness from drinking too much moonshine because of the allergy of alcohol. You should better control the amount of it. Or else, your eyes visual nerves will be damaged. It is such a serious thing. You have to take high notice of it if you have the habit of drinking moonshine. Eyes are the important parts for our body. We need to protect them.
  • chosen_cookie


    It seems exaggerate just to scare people, but as a matter of fact, drinking too much moonshine can actually give rise to blindness to some extents. Owing to immoderate moonshine can increase the risk of getting brain damage, which can even lead to blindness. In addition, methanol, which is obtained from wood will also cause blindness because it deplete the enzymes that work on you retina, theoretically burning the nerves in to the eye causing blindness. Therefore, you can drinking moonshine of course, but everything must be in moderation for the sake of your eyes as well as health.

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