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Brook Park


What are the Causes of blurred vision after exercise?

I often play basketball and I can see perfectly during the game. But my vision gets blurry after exercise. How does this happen?
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  • Luke shelley


    It is normal to have blurred vision after exercise. A common cause of blurry vision during exercise is low blood pressure, or hypotension. You can help prevent blurred vision by eating a healthy diet.
  • griffin


    Your blood sugar levels influence your sight to a great degree. If you exercise hard without a bit of food you may lower your blood sugar. It may also be because you aren't getting enough iron. Iron apparently helps the form of Haemoglobin which carries oxygen in your blood. If not enough oxygen is getting to your eyes then you may experience problems.
  • William clive


    There is nothing wrong with your eyes. The blurred vision after exercise usually caused by insufficient supply of oxygen or some insufficiency of optical nerve. When you stop exercising and have a rest for a while, the blurred vision will go away by itself. So don't worry.