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Can I wear prescription sports glasses when playing rugby?

I want to play club rugby but I am nearsighted which requires me to wear glasses. Can I wear prescription sports glasses when playing rugby?
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  • William


    No. The laws of rugby prohibit wearing glasses or goggles because it would be dangerous to yourself and to other players. So you are not allowed to wear sports glasses when playing rugby. But you are allowed to wear contacts when playing rugby if you don't have good vision.
  • Aaron may


    No. There are rules that you mustn't wear glasses or sports glasses in the rugby field. If you are nearsighted, you can wear contact lenses when playing rugby. If you are slightly nearsighted, there is no problem to play rugby without glasses or contacts.
  • walkingalone_


    Unfortunately no glasses is allowed when playing rugby. The IRB does not allow any hard materials to be worn on the field. It is a danger to yourself and others. You can wear soft contact lenses.
  • Sara scott


    You can't wear sports glasses when playing rugby unless you want shatters of glass in ur eyes. It is so dangerous. I have a team mate in high school who was bloody near blind, but never played with glasses or contacts.