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Do aviator glasses fit for round faces?

I am going to get some aviator glasses and I have a round face. I wonder if they will look good on me.
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  • candylips167


    The traditional style of aviator glasses are suitable for round faces. Because it won't flatter your round face. On the contrary, it will enhance the roundness of your face. You should get glasses that will make your face appear longer and thinner.
  • Mort


    Most traditional style of aviator glasses are not well suited to people with round faces as it enhances the impression of roundness. But aviator glasses seem to have variants now, there are certain ones that ma fit better with round faces.
  • Nicholas campbell


    There are many aviator glasses varying in different sizes. And their designs also have fine definition. That make the aviator style glasses fit for almost any face shape. So, there are some people with round face look good in aviator glasses. Anyway, you shall try the glasses yourself if you want to know the exactly answer. Since personality can also affect the look you wear glasses. So, just go to a glasses shop and have a try. I believe that aviator glasses can compliment you.

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