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Does alcohol affect depth perception?

Does alcohol cause depth perception? How can alcohol causes it?
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  • walkingalone_


    Yes, alcohol will cause depth perception. Once you drink a lot, the alcohol will volatilize into the whole body, increasing your blood circulation. Your nerves will be paralysis and lose the feeling. You will have no conscious at the superficial way. That is why it causes the depth perception. You need to drink less alcohol and protect the health.
  • evilbethygirl


    Alcohol will affect depth perception. If the alcohol concentration in blood is 0.03 percent or more, the vision will be affected by alcohol. When you drink a certain amount of alcohol, the muscles that control eye movements will be affected. At this time, your eyes find it difficult to focus on one object. So, problem in depth perception will occur to you. The impaired depth perception due to alcohol is one of the reasons for why people cannot drive when they are drunk. Alcohol has other effects on vision. Drinking alcohol can reduce visual acuity (ability to measure the sharpness of vision) by 32 percent. Peripheral vision may be affected by alcohol, which weakens your night vision. Your ability to resisting glare can be impaired by alcohol because that it slows down the reaction of pupil to glare.
  • Debbie


    I do not think so. Depth perception is a kind of perception of distance from people which is functioned by eyes and its accuracy can be the measure of sensitivity of distance clues. However, whatever it is, it can only be accurate when people’ s mind is clear. When the ethanol density in blood is 0.05%, there will be excitement, and when it is 0.01%, people can lose his self-control. That’ s to say, ethanol in the alcohol can stimulate our central nervous system to lead to an unclear mind. So we 'd prefer to say that the so called depth perception is the illusion actually. Hope that will help.