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What happens if you blink too much?

Is blink eyes bad for eyes? What will happen if you blink too much?
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  • eduardoroxmisox


    Blinking eyes is not bad for eyes, on the contrary, it benefits eyes much because it can not only keep the eyeball clean and moist but also protect the eyes from external irritants such as sand or flying insects. Normal people blink their eyes 15 times a minute, if you blink too much, it can be a sign of vision problems such as dry eyes, keratitis, conjunctivitis, poor eyesight, blurred vision, blind spots, floaters, refractive error or other visual disturbances because to relieve the discomfort, people blink frequently. Excessive blinking can even be an indication of neurological disorder, which is given rise to by severe brain anomalies such as brain tumor. Excessive blinking can lead to eye fatigue and influence vision to some degree. You need to try your best to reduce the count of blinking if you blink excessively, the condition will be better after a certain time.
  • debby truax


    Blinking, or scardamyxis, generally speaking, is a kind of normal physiologic phenomenon whose main function is to ensure the moist condition of the cornea and conjunctiva in the eyes. There is not a definite number of the times of blinking in a limited time. In general the normal interval time for blinking is several seconds. However, if people blinking too much, or there is a paroxysmal quick blinking, then it can be called an abnormal phenomenon. Sometimes it is because that the eyes are too fatigue due to eye overall or some othe eye disease. To reduce the discomfort in their eyes, people have to blink to make the eyes moist, and thus people develop a habit of frequent blinking. In this case, people should control themselves and decrease their blinking frequency. But if their eyes blink with the symptoms of photophobia, diminution of vision and tearing, then they had better go to the hospital to have an eye examination.
  • Brittany green


    Blinking is a natural and instinctive behavior that we normally don't notice - unless you get something in your eye, of course, when suddenly you become very conscious of blinking indeed. We don't have to think about blinking, it's one of the body's built-in unconscious mechanisms, like breathing, or digestion. A self-regulating and very useful process that keeps your eyes healthy, clean and comfortable.If you notice that you tend to blink much more frequently than other people seem to, or much more frequently than you used to, it's worth checking out that there isn't some physical cause behind it. Constant blinking can occasionally be a sign of a medical problem. If a physical cause is ruled out, the most likely explanation is that extra blinking has got itself established as a habit. Moreover,it's very common for people to develop this kind of nervous habit, often without even noticing that it has happened. The reason you don't notice it happening is that such habits are attached to unconscious behaviors that you don't normally notice or consciously control anyway. All sorts of things can trigger the development of such habits, and the causes can range from the trivial to the traumatic.
  • evelyn12


    The usual blink of your eyes is healthy for your eyes which will help your eyes protect from the sand or other dirty things into the eyes. However, if you blink too much, your eyes will get tired easily which will not feel comfortable. At the same time, your eyes will get dry easily too. You should better blink at the normal speed which will keep the health of your eyes.