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Is pink eye contagious in babies?

Can baby get pink eyes? Is it possible to spread it to others?
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  • griffin


    Yea, anyone can get the highly contagious pink eyes no matter what age he has. If the baby gets pink eyes, take him to the eye doctor as early as possible and ask the doctor to prescribe antibiotic eye drops or ointments. At home, you can apply a cold and wet clean washcloth to the eyes of the baby several times a day to relieve symptoms. Take care not to share the washcloths, hand towels or tissues with the baby because pink eye is highly contagious. Wash your hands frequently and do not rub your eyes with hands. Also, rinse the baby's hands and try not to make him rub his eyes.
  • John clark


    Yes, baby could get pink eyes if they are infected to. It is possible to spread the pink eyes to others if you share the cloth or other personal using things with others. Thus people with pink eyes should take notice of their personal things. They should take the medical care to treat the eyes problem as soon as possible. If you have the pink eyes, you'd better not be too close with your baby.
  • Hae


    Generally speaking, pink eyes, or conjunctivitis, is a kind of communicable disease caused by choamydiae infection, which means it is very likely to spread to other people by getting close touch with the patients or sharing the articles for daily use withe patients.Therefore, if the baby still is still get in close withe people who get pink eyes, it is quite for the baby get infected by the conjunctivitis, too. To avoid this condition, many protective measures should be taken for the baby. First of all, the baby should be away from the allergen which can lead to allergic pink eyes such as the little animals, dust, and pollens. Secondly, do not allow the baby to rub the eyes with hands in case of getting infected by the bacteria in the fingernails. And the fingernails of the baby should be cut in time. Besides, the baby should not be allowed to get in touch with people who have conjunctivitis or anything the patients have touched or used. The towel and washbasin for the baby should be clean and scalded with boiled water.