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How long does eye floaters usually last?

Are eye floaters permanent or do they only last for several years?
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  • Emma


    Eye floaters never go away and there is nothing you can do about them. However, they will become less noticeable and your brain may start to ignore them over time. If you see a lot all of a sudden, you should go to see your doctor immediately.
  • Nick


    Contrary to most of the literature in ophthalmology, the harmless type of eye floaters is not caused by vitreous degeneration within the eye. Harmless eye floaters have been there since you were born, no matter how many new floaters you see. You begin to see them because you are acquiring an incorrect vision habit called diffusing. The more you diffuse your vision, the more new floaters appear in your field of vision. The secret weapon for causing floaters to disappear is to regain the natural and innate vision habit of central fixation discovered by Dr. W.H. Bates in the field of natural vision. After you learn to use your eyes again in the natural way for which they were designed and have evolved over millions of years, the floaters will disappear. For more information on harmless type of eye floaters, you can visit this site:
  • george


    It depends. Some people may have eye floaters for many years but they don't notice them and ignore them automatically by brain. Some eye floaters can disappear few years later.
  • walkingalone121


    These floaters are bits of cellular debris that come and go without treatment. Most of the time they are nothing to worry about, but sometimes they can be a symptom of a retinal tear. If you notice a sudden increase in floaters or if you see floaters along with flashes of light, this may be a symptom of retinal detachment. Call your eye doctor.
  • Paige


    Eye floaters are permanernt. There is no treatment to get rid of them. However, they won't affect your vision and they will tend to be less noticeable over time. There is no need to worry about them.
  • evrydyisystrdy


    Well, generally speaking, eye floaters can be very normal for many people. And they are basically little blobs of protein that float through the hollow sphere which is filled with a thick, gel like fluid known as the vitreous humor. According to some experts, eye floaters can just exist in several days. But for some other people, it may exist longer. Maybe it can be several months. In common, some essential oil, such as tansy, sandalwood, juniper, lavender can be used to treat it. And people have eye floaters need to eat as many water and vitamin rich vegetables as possible.
  • Nick


    For more information on harmless type of eye floaters, you can search on Google "Eye Floaters Cure eBook"
  • Harman kapooor


    Are eye floaters gone with time or permanent