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neva taylor


What's the best time to have strabismus surgery?

My left eye is perfect, but my right eye get strabismus. I want to have surgery to treat it. But when to have strabismus surgery?
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  • Mohammad S.


    If the esotropia has been corrected completely, then there is no need to have strabismus surgery. If you wear glasses to correct your esotropia for over 6 months and the esotropia is only reduced, the remaining strabismus should be treated by surgery as early as possible.
  • Catherine


    Children who have exotropia shoulld have strabismus surgery as early as possible. The best time to take strabismus surgery for exotropia is between 4-6. So if you get strabismus, you should consult your doctor whether you can have strabismus surgery and when to have surgery.
  • Isabelle


    If your eyes are turning outward, you should have the surgery as early as possible. The best time to have strabismus surgery is between 4 to 6. You can consult your doctor.

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