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Is it safe to buy eyeglass frames online?

Is it safe to buy eyeglass frmaes online? (non prescribed) If so what website do you recommend?Hi, I was interested in buying a certain eye glass frame online since they are cheaper than retail stores. I was planning on bringing the frame into a local optometrist store to get lenses fitted into the frmaes. I have visited websites like frmaesdirect, bestbuyglasses unitedshades and and I don't know if I trust them or not. I am afraid that they might sell me fake frmaes and give me trouble when I try to return them. I have tried these specific frmaes at my local eyeglass store and they fit me perfectly so I know the exact size of the frmaes. I was wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences on buying eyeglass frmaes online (non prescribed). Also can anyone give me any websites that sells high branded frmaes it's my first time so please give me a safe legitimate website. thanks
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  • Guest


    I had the same worry with you when I first bought eyeglasses online. But it turned out to be unnecessary at last as so many people are shopping their glasses online. I don't have shopping experience from framedirect,bestbuyglasses or amazon. I chose firmoo as my first shopping online store because I saw many fans on their Facebook page give positive reviews about their product. You can also have a try.
  • Sara nelson


    Buying eyewear can be very safe if you choose reliable eyeglass stores. At present, more and more people have tried eyeglasses online. If you haven’t, you can have a try. You can also try on eyeglass frames while buying glasses online. almost every eyeglass store offers Try-On system that will help you try on any eyeglass frames you like and see whether it suits you or not. As for high branded eyewear, you can try framesdirect.

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