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Mackenzie raphael


How much are swimming goggles at costco?

Is there anyone who have experiences of buying goggles at Costco? How much they charge for a pair of swimming goggles? Are they expensive?
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  • Sharron Green


    I just bought the swimming goggles at Walmart, charging for $20. That type of swimming goggles belong to the good quality ones. I think the price at Costco will be a little more expensive than those at Walmart. However, different types with different materials will differ a lot at price. You can go to their online store and have a check on the price.
  • walkingthedog


    Well, looks like you wat to buy goggles for swimming right? And of course Costco is a brand which also produce quality goggles. Since it is a household brand which is famous for producing glasses, the prices are relatively higher than other kinds of goggles. Typically speaking, the price ranges from 40 to over 100 dollars for each pair of goggle, and it also depends on the types and designs, you know? So, if you really want to buy, I gotta say, it is worth your money.