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What causes excessive eye mucus?

Today, my eyes discharge many mucus. Is that normal? What causes the excessive eye mucus?
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  • Jason


    From the basic healthy aspect, it is not normal. The normal amount of mucus in the eyes excreted by the tear gland is not much. If you get much, there must be some problems, such as that your eyes get infection which cause the tear gland system go in disorder or too much dust or the sand coming into the eyes. Whatever the reason causes it, you'd better go to see the doctor and have a check.
  • Otis Crockett


    Well, in fact, such phenomenon is quite normal for any one of us. People tend to have eye discharge every morning and they are used to it. However, sometimes, due to some particular reasons, we might get excessive eye mucus as you will find it during the day. In the meantime, you are puzzled and even feel awkard right? That is because you are over tired or have done something that does harm to your eyes. So, find our the reasons that fix the problems as soon as possible.

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