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Does vitamin e oil help dark circles under eyes?

Will use vitamin e oil help reduce dark circles? How to use it?
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  • Isabelle


    The vitamin e oil has the role of anti-oxidation which can to some degree make the symptom of dark circles around the eyes release. However, it can not cure the dark circles thoroughly. And you should not adopt it in a large number directly around the eyes because it may increases the fat granule. Just adopt a little amount and use the finger to rub down until it is absorbed.
  • Makayla


    Well, as a matter of fact, thet effct vitamin in treating dark circles is vitamin K and vitamin A. But also in a sense, perhaps vitamin e also serves the same function, at least to some extent right? A to how to use the oil, you should just take some on your fingertip and softly put it around the dark circles so that the skin will absorb the vitamin substance. And that is ok, perhaps a week's treatment will help you out of your trouble. Hope your darkcircle will be eliminated in no time