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Gabriel peters


Are oakley sunglasses made in china?

Are oakley sunglasses made in china? I saw some oakley sunglasses in China when i am on a business trip. Are they real?
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  • Megan W


    Yeah, the are real which you can take it relax. Like Nike and Addidas companies, the oakley company has its own branch company in China which mainly takes the responsibility for processing. Using the developing countries as the processing company may save a lot of money for the big brand luxurious companies.
  • Joseph bell


    Well, as you know, Oakley sunglasses are a brand which is established in the USA. You said you saw they are sold in China. Perhaps it is just because it set some outlets in China since China has got a great pool of wealthy customers, some people just have the ability to afford them. So why cannot they expand their business into another country, right? Actually, oakley sunglasses are made in the US, and as to your doubt, if the sunglasses are sold in large shopping mall, then probably they are not fake.