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How to clean your eyes without eye drops?

Sometimes, i like to use eye drops to clean my eyes thus to refresh my eyes from tired and dirty etc. But now i just run out of my eye drops. Is there any way or thing can clean my eyes without eye drops?
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  • Calvin


    Besides the eye drops, you can use the clean water to refresh your eyes. In addition, adding some honey into the water can you feel better at the eyes. After cleaning the eyes, you can use the hot cloth to cover on the eyes for a few minutes which may help your eyes eliminate the tiredness.
  • walkietalkie1


    Well, this question is no big deal. As a matter of fact, people of centuries ago didn't have eye drops. So, instead of taking eye drops, there are indeed some other ways to solve your problems, like tiredness, dirty. The first thing I wanna introduce to you is saline water, with saline water, you can clean your eyes, kill the bacteria, and refresh your eyes. And usually this does no side effects. I mean, saline water is the best natural way to clean your eyes. Have a try then and see if it really works.

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