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Jason lester


How long does a minor black eye last?

I got a minor black eye. It is really ruin my image. How long will it last till my eyes recover?
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  • califractal


    I am so sorry to hear that, cuz black eyes are really torturous to all of us right? Well, now you want the black eyes go away, but it really has to take some time. Typically speaking, black eye will last about 2 weeks. Don't panic, there are surely some ways to quicken the long process. You might as well follow theses steps. Try to get some medicine and put them on your black area. Try to get enough sleep and avoid being much too tired. Most importantly, keep a happy mood, this is also helpful in recovery. Hope you can get recovered in no time.


    Your black eyes might be caused by the lack of sleep or the lack of active blood circulation around the eyes. Thus, you'd better have a good rest and eat more food with vitamine C. Usually the minor black eyes will get recovery after a week good rest. At last, you should keep away from the spicy food and not stay up late.

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