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What are the symptoms for acute glaucoma?

Can anybody tell me what are the symptoms for acute glaucoma?
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  • handsdown9871


    For acute glaucoma, you can have swollen eyes and migraine on the same side. Your vision can get worse quickly and you may even feel sick. Acute glaucoma is common among people over 40s and women have higher chance to get it than man.
  • Melissa


    In most cases, you are unable to recognize the symptoms of acute glaucoma because it appears suddenly. However, you should still pay attention to it. People with acute glaucoma may suffer sudden and severe eye pain, a red eye, blurred vision, high eye pressure, sensitivity to light.
  • Brittany green


    People with acute glaucoma may suffer Severe eye pain, Nausea and vomiting, vision loss in a sudden, Blurred vision, Halos around lights, red eyes. You should not wait to see an eye doctor when having acute glaucoma otherwise it can cause blindness finally.


    My mother got acute glaucoma last year and I remembered the main symptoms were feeling nausea and vomitting. She also have severe headache and couldn't see things suddenly.

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