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What are the reasons for loss of peripheral vision?

Recently I found that I can't see properly around the edges and the doctor said it was because of loss of peripheral vision. What are the reasons for loss of peripheral vision?
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  • Christina nelson


    sudden peripheral vision loss is sometimes associated with retinal detachment, which requires an immediate treatment. Patients with this eye disease may feel a curtain hanging by one side of the face. Other contributing factors include eye occlusion, detached retina, certain brain damage, optic neuritis, concussion and so on.
  • walkinginstars


    Loss of peripheral vision has a variety of potential causes. In detail, optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma, high intraocular pressure (IOP), eye strokes and blood flow blockage in the eye are some of the possible reasons for peripheral vision loss. In particular, glaucoma patients will suffer loss of peripheral vision gradually. And the final result is total tunnel vision.
  • Allen


    Peripheral vision loss may be caused by underlying diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, migraines or retinal detachment. Alcohol intoxication and some other medicines may also cause changes in the peripheral vision, including peripheral vision loss.
  • wesley


    A stroke, prompt medical attention can cause peripheral vision loss. Other problems that develop in the retina, such as retinal degeneration, pigmentosa and retinopathy can also cause the loss of peripheral vision. So if you suffer a rapid change in your vision, you should go to see your doctor immediately.

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