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Alexandria giles


How to get used to progressive glasses quickly?

I just got my new progressive glasses but I found they are really hard to get used to.
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  • Randy C


    For new users, visual aberrations will occur in the peripheral part of the progressive lenses. This condition is particularly obvious when the user looks down and focuses to the far right or left. The reason is that a progressive lens has more peripheral area at the bottom half. It is still worth reminding that quick head movements should be restricted, or otherwise a sensation of ''swim'' may develop.
  • b1eedingthrough


    To help you get used to progressive glasses quickly, you should stop wearing your old glasses immediately and wear new progressive glasses as long as possible all day. Put on the glasses as close to your face as possible.
  • covenmasters


    As the progressive lenses are different from single vision lenses, you shall use it in a special way. When you wear progressive lenses, you must remember that not move your head to switch your focus on objects. You need fix a point on your nose when you wear it. Then, Try to focus the subject by move your pupils. It may be hard at the beginning. But it gives you more comfortable vision as long as you get used to the lenses.