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What are treatment for crossed eyes in children?

A doctor told that my kids suffers crossed eyes. What should i do to treat them?
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  • Justin fergus


    There are several treatments to be used alone or in combination to treat crossed eyes. The most effective way is to have surgery which is performed to strengthen or weaken the effect of one or more of the muscles that move the eye. Another way to treat crossed eyes is Vision therapy. It can help train a patient's brain to align his or her eyes to focus and visually process images by using computerized optical devices, including lenses and filters, to develop the eye muscles. To choose the most suitable treatment, you should consult a pediatric eye doctor.
  • Benjamin gary


    Crossed eyes are also called strabismus in medical term. It's a kind of eye disorder of when the eyes focus on something they are not lined up together in the same direction. More than 50% children suffering crossed eyes got it when they are born. Crossed eyes children should correct this as early as possible in their life. Or it might cause permanent damage. The treatment mainly focuses on strengthening any weakened muscles and taking the eyes back into alignment. Wearing a pair of special glasses will help this muscle exercises. If the symptoms are serious, the surgery may be needed.
  • california_lovv


    First of all, you should take child to see the eye doctor in order to diagnose the nature of the crossed eyes/strabismus and the degree of the pathological changes, say, whether this will affect the eyesight or not. Then based on the different conditions, doctors usually carry out related therapeutic schedules. Often, the treatments mainly conclude: The optometrist helps examine children's eyes and prescribe right glasses, which do contribute to correct vision; The eye doctor write a prescription for medical expulsive treatment; Do a regular training for children with amblyopic; Have your children finish a surgery of vision correction, which is the most direct way to help children get rid of crossed eye.