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How to make lazy eyes less noticeable?

I have lazy eyes. But i don't want to be noticed by others. So, any suggestion? How to make my lazy eyes less noticeable?
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  • Juan


    Well, so sorry to hear that you have got a pair of sleepy or lazy eyes. Anyway, those eyes would make us appear to be less healthy and energetic. From what I know, it would be wise for us to take some exercise when we got lazy eyes, also try to take in some vitamin pills and A better diet with more attention to your health. Just try to apply some makeup to your eyes and hide some defects of your body.
  • Jerry


    If you have lazy eyes, it is better for you to not to care too much about it in order to avoid psychological problem. So you should play it off while you accept it. You can wear a hat or sunglasses or something that can distract other people from your eyes. If you are a girl, try to get side bangs on the side of that eye. Before you fall asleep every night, stretch your eyes to help them open a little more. There also some treatment for lazy eyes, such as glasses with prism, eye drops and vision therapy and patching. If you are over 17 years old, you can try the treatments.
  • eagle_tester_3


    Have lazy eyes can make you looks tired and lethargic. While, the most efficient method of make lazy eyes less noticeable should be makeup. You can try make the eyeliner on the top lashine slightly thinner than it is on the bigger eye. Or do not put eyeliner on the small one because it can make your lazy eyes more obvious. Hope the above method can help you.