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Can glasses help with color blindness?

I have color blindness. It makes me feel embarrassed sometimes. But my friend said that eyeglasses can help me. Does it really work? In fact, I don't have vision problem except color blindness. Any idea?
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  • Catherine


    Yes, people with color blindness can get help from tinted glasses. And the process of using tined glasses is very simple. Color blind people can wear tinted lenses on the non-dominate eye. By using it, the lenses can help the eyes see different colors. However, though the tinted glasses can help people with certain type of color blindness and with the many levels of severity, the glasses won't help people with completely color blindness.
  • Ana clive


    Yes, what your friend says is right. Some people are born to be color blinded because of the genetic genes. Once you get color blind problems, you will not see the fll colors. However, there is the difference for the color blindness. Some people just see several colors. And others could just see the white and black colors. However the color-blind correction lens is a special coating on the lens. Its main working mechanism is to lengthen the wave transmittance and elder in shortwave elders reflection in general. The effect of color blindness glasses is only suitable for patients with red and green problems. After wearing this kind of glasses, you can see the shape of a figure, feeling differences between red and green, which is able to improve the ability of color discrimination. If you belong to this kind of problems, you could have a try to make you see things clearly.
  • Jewel deng


    What is colorblindness glasses?
    colorblindness glasses are a king of glasses specially made to correct colorblindness which work extremenly well with red and green colorblindness.This product is quite popular among achromates.
    How do they work?
    Special coat is attached to the glasses or lens to transmit long wave or reflect short wave for your eyes according to antagonism. Thus the former vague pseudoisochromatic plates become clear.
    In general, colorblindness glasses fall into two categories, contact lens and frame glasses. It works well with 90% people, as most colorblind people are red or green blindness.
    Therefore, if you are red or green colorblind, it must work well for you!

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