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Are fake glasses in style ?

How do you think people wearing fake glasses? Do you think they are fashion?
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  • aaron


    fake glasses, or we called "spectacle frames", which consist of only frames without glasses. As far as I am concerned, they are becoming more and more popular with people from adolescents to adults and indeed fashionable and stylish. People who are not near-sighted can also wear this kind of glasses as a kind of accessories. spectacle frames have various kinds of colors and shapes, exquisite or exaggerated, therefore, they can match multifarious types of clothes for people of different ages. But pay attention to choose good-quality spectacle frames in case that they are too heavy for your nose or make your face uncomfortable. For further information about quality and stylish spectacle frames, you can refer to the following website. When you are choosing a pair of spectacle frames, you should first differentiate whether it is for males or for females. In addition, different shapes of faces are suitable to different types of frames, therefore, you should make comparisons when choosing frames. Last but not least, what kind of clothes you usually dress also decides the type of your spectacle frames, so take this into consideration.
  • Alexandria taylor


    It depends. I think fashion is beauty and nature. If a person wearing glasses is not appropriate for him, that is not fashion. In addition, wearing fake glasses will cover people's eyes. And i think that eyes are mind's window. If you close your window, how could people know you, communicate with you. I'm shortsighted, but I try my best to avoid wearing glasses. So, in my eyes fake glasses is out.
  • Victor Lee


    Fake glasses share similarities in shape. So they have similar shapes as ordinary glasses. Wearing fake glasses will make you more fashionable. Personally I think it's okay to wear fake glasses.

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