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How to make eyes less itchy ?

I get itchy eyes. It is really bothersome. Is there any treatment that can help me? Any suggestion?
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  • Robert Potter


    Itchy eyes are often caused by allergies, or allergic conjunctivitis. You can buy Claritin to reduce your itchy eyes or ask your doctor to have the similar medications. While, eye drops, such as Zaditor also can relieves the symptoms of itchy eyes, because it contains antihistamines and decongestants. If your itchy eyes persist, ask your doctor for more help.
  • walentynka


    Commonly itchy eyes can be easily healed. It has known that itchy eyes are most often due to bacteria and germs enter eyes. Some basic eye problems are also easy to cause itchy eyes, such as conjunctivitis, black eyes( caused by face to eye injury) and allergic eyes. People who get itchy eyes may suffer itchy, burning, pain and redness in eyes. Itchy eye is not serious, but you still must take good care of it. Several home remedies to help with itchy eyes. A new OTC eye drop, Zaditor is good to relieve itchy eyes without any side effects. Prescribed oral antihistamines can be a life saver. Also, you can apply warm wash cloth on your eyes to reduce pain and unwell. In daily life, you can eat something that contain abundant vitamins to keep eye health.
  • clearbluesky987


    According to what you have described, I can see that recently, your eyes have got some troubles. The reason may be various and you must try to figure out where went wrong, did you work too hard or played too much games, or did you just lacked some sleep,etc. Anyway, it would not be a hard problem as long as you take actions right now. And do not try to rub your eyes, that would give rise to some infections and serious consequences.

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