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Are glasses attractive on men?

How do you think a men wearing eyeglasses? Do you think they are attractive?
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  • bell


    Well, according to your words. I can see that you are quite fond of guys with a pair of nice and cool glasses, that is masculine. Anyway, as far as we know, it would be good for us to make some preparations for any situations or just something else. Just take care of yourself and dress yourself up. In my mind, a man with eyeglasses would appear more mature and gentle, quiet, and of course more attractive, etc.
  • christensengirl


    Eyeglasses can be attractive on men if appropriately chosen. Eyeglasses comes into different types and sizes, and you can choose one that suit you best. As we all know, eyeglasses can embody a man's temperament, knowledge and gentleness. Weather it is for ornament or for actual use, eyeglasses can be useful and helpful. In my opinion, a man with a pair of glasses can be attractive.
  • carolmck


    To each his own, different people may have different ideas. In my opinion, I think a man wearing eyeglasses appears more intelligent and knowledgeable. Meanwhile, he may be mature and reserved with eyeglasses hiding the expressions from his eyes. What's more, a pair of eyeglasses is like a veil to his eyes, making him more mysterious. A pair of gilded glasses makes a man noble and elegant. While, glasses can also be a prop to play cute for man. When a man wears glasses with full thick black frame, he may look cute. I think they are attractive, especially the gilded half-rimed ones.
  • Victor


    You'll be attractive if you find a suitable glasses for your face. Wearing unsuitable glasses will only make you look ordinary.
  • Amy


    It depends. different person find different guys attractive. they have split decisions when it comes to finding attractive men. personally i think its attracting.

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