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How should children protect their eyes?

How should children protect their eyes to prevent nearsightedness?
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  • b1ttersw33t7


    There are several ways to protect your children's eyes: 1. When your child is reading, make sure the room has good, even lighting and discourage them from lying on the floor and reading. 2. When using a computer, make sure the room has even room lighting and that your child takes a break every few minutes and looks around the room. When playing computer games, sit as far back as the leads allows. 3. When watching television, make sure your child has a small light on in the room - the room shouldn't be totally dark - and position the TV set at eye level, or just slightly below. 4. Ensure your child is eating well. Nutrients such as Vitamin A help support visual function, Omega 3 help support brain and eye development and Lutein, an antioxidant, help support developing eyes. Source:
  • coldshadow05


    Eye care is especially needed by the immature group. For example, children should be prohibited from taking the habit of watching TV programs at a close distance. UV filters should be available while gazing at the computer monitor. Remember that children’s eyes are particularly susceptible to various eye problems. For young people, protecting their eyes in young ages can reduce the risk of suffering various vision problems.

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