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Why do my eyes hurt when i have a fever?

When i get a fever, my eyes also feel hurt. Why? Can a fever cause eye hurt?
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  • Kaz Vorpal


    Wow, I can't believe how wrong those answers are: Fevers are not caused by being cold. Cold stimulates your immune system, kicking it into overdrive, which is why it DOES cause a runny nose for a short time, even though you're not actually getting sick. Your body is preemptively making your nose run to reduce the chances of infection. "Colds" are not because of bacteria. A cold is caused by a virus. I doubt he was asking about dry eyes. And you DEFINITELY don't use vitamin C to "moisture your eyes". Vitamin C is an antioxidant that your body needs only in trace amounts to help your mitochondria regulate their oxidization process, not to keep your eyes wet. In general, trying to get excess vitamin C is bad for you, not good for you. There is mounting evidence that trying to push antioxidants in general may shorten your lifespan. And a fever is NOT usually be accompanied by pink eye or eye infection. What the hell kind of crazy answers are these? Eye pain can be caused by inflammation of optic nerve sheath, or extraocular muscles, or a number of other similar causes, some of which could be triggered by by or have a common cause with a fever.
  • Charley


    Yes, a fever can cause eye hurt. When you get a fever, you blood flow will differ because of the change of temperature. And when you get a fever, it will usually accompanied by pink eye, eye infection, and someone's eyelids may be stuck together. All these can cause chills, facial pain and your eye being hurt.
  • catgay2005


    When you have the fever, your weak immune system will cause your eyes to be dry easily. At the same time, your eyes may easily get the invisible bacterium. The fever will cause the high pressure on your eyes. Your eyes will feel so uncomfortable. At that time, you need to drink more water to feel comfortable. You need to eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.
  • Tyler charles


    Without doubt, fever causes sore eyes indeed. The one that has fever means she/he got cold. Cold always because of bacteria and virtues attack your breath system, and then you begin to cough, feel sore throat, eye pain. Sore eyes are most commonly due to infection and injury. Tired and fatigue also cause eye problems. Eye pain is the most commonly sign which caused by fever. When you experience such condition, the best thing to do is apply a warm compress and stay fit. No rubbing eyes any more.