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Angela tuener


What lens index should I get for my prescription glasses?

Here is my prescription: OD: -6.5 OS: -6.5, with a CYL of -0.50 and axis is 180 I wonder if index lens of 1.553 is too thick for me ? What about a 1.6 index?
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  • Kevin


    I think you should choose 1.67 index. 1.6 index is still a little thick for you and only are suitable for wearer with spherical power from +/_ 4.25 to +/_ 6.00. But it can be more expensive. It is better to go to a certified optician to be fitted properly.
  • Harry gill


    Your prescription is strong, so I think 1.67 index will make your lens much thinner and give you a better look. However, you should consult your doctor to determine which one will suit you best.