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Mya harris


How to get a torn contact lens out of your eyes?

It doesn't happen to me but i am just a little worried. If my contact lens is torn, how can i remove it?
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  • cocky_bitch


    Wash your hands clean and sit in front of mirror. Open your eye which have a torn lens in as wide as possible. Next, you should put some ubricating eye drops in your eye so that you can get the torn contact lens out of your eyes easily. Then you should find the torn contact lens in your eye and then remove it with your fingers just like you do with a normal lens. If you find it hard to remove it, you should go to see your doctor.
  • walkingtragd


    If there is a torn in your eyes, you must keep calm and find a places with large mirror and plenty of light. Then, open your eyes as wide as possible and add lubricating eye drops or saline solution. ( because the lens will stick to your eyes if your eye dry) Next, remove the torn out of your eyes as you would with a normal lenses If there still have some fragment in your eyes, don't worry, lift your upper eyelid and look downward as far as you can. If the lenses in trapped under your upper eyelid, it will help the fragment slide down. Or, you can pull your lower eyelid and look upward if the lenses trapped under your lower eyelid. Hope this help.

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