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Are reading glasses the same as magnifying glasses?

i am just wondering because when I see reading glasses in the store, they look just like magnifying glasses in frames.
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  • classynottrashy


    Not exactly. But it make senses. Reading glasses are made from magnifying lenses. So, we can say that Reading glasses and magnifying glasses are in the same lenses. But they are actually different things. If you searching magnifying glasses in Google images, there will comes to some images of magnifying glass rather than reading eyeglasses.
  • Lisa


    Yes. The lenses in both glasses are the same. reading glasses just like magnifying glasses can help magnify things so that people can see them more clearly. However, reading glasses can be made with prescription lenses. So there are prescription reading glasses and non prescription glasses. While magnifying glasses have no prescription. reading glasses are made for people who have presbyopia.
  • Rebecca


    It make sense. Reading glasses are usually made from magnifying lenses. So, some people called t Reading glasses magnifying glasses. Both reading glasses and magnifying glasses can magnifying things so as to make wearer see better. However they are different things. If you search magnifying glasses in Google Images, you can find they are totally different from reading glasses.
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