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Bridget C


How to wear safety goggles?

I have to wear safety goggles in the laboratory. Can anyone tell me how to wear safety goggles?
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  • walkingalone121


    Before you wear safety goggles, you need to wipe both inside and outside of the lenses with a wet clean cloth. Then adjust the strap to make sure the goggles can fit you properly. They should be neither too tight nor too loose. At last you can wear your safety goggles to protect your eyes from being damaged. When you are in the lab, do not remove your safety goggles to ensure complete saferty to your eyes.
  • adams


    First of all, you shall use a soft cloth to clean the goggle to prevent particles of dust or other debris that might have settled in the goggles. Then, Adjust the goggle strap for an accurate fit and try on the goggles and adjust it until it fit for your face, nose as well as your head. If you don't wear it, just take them off and put it in a case and stored in a cool and dry places.