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Michael anderson


Is it cool for men to wear plastic aviator glasses?

Do plastic Aviator glasses still look cool on guys? or has their times passed?
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  • coldshadow05


    Yes. Plastic aviator glasses make men look cool. I've seen some men who wear plastic aviator glasses and they do look cool and attractive. Plastic aviator glasses are very popular among men especially young men. However, metal aviator glasses are preferred by many middle-aged men. If you are young guys, I think you'd better choose plastic aviator eyeglasses which will show your personal style very well.
  • Sherri H


    Yes,at least for me, i like men wearing aviator glasses. Now, with the diverse of materials for glasses frames, aviator glasses no longer just made of metals, there are colorful plastic glasses frames for aviator glasses. It make aviator glasses more diverse. Besides, classic glasses are one of an classic style that we can often see from movies. If you like it, jut wear it.

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