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What kind of spectacles frames for women are in fashion now?

My current glasses frames are broken and I need a new one. What kind of spectacles frames for women are in fashion now?
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  • Anthony cecil


    Different people prefer different kinds of glasses. Some women prefer wearing rimless glasses because these glasses make them look more delicate. frameless glasses are invisible on women's face, which allow people to see their beautiful eyes. Therefore rimless glasses are in fashion these days. Rectangle frame glasses are also in style and preferred by many women. You just try different styles of glasses on and you will see what kind of glasses will look good on you.
  • elliekate825


    When it refers to fashion spectacles frames for women, i believe you won't miss cat eye glasses frames. Cat eye glasses frames for women is what aviator glasses frames for men. They are charming and elegant. But if you have strong prescription, cat eye glasses are not recommended. You can choose some wayfarer style glasses for safe, it will make you look smart and wise.

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