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What madrid store I can get a brand sunglasses Rudy Project?

?my mom traveled to Spain in a few days.?and then asked whether in Madrid.?selling sunglasses brand Rudy Project. and would like bring me some sports sunglasses, but not sure if they have the sale.please?help to clear my doubt.
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  • 04/14/2012

    go to the store of Vision Lab, apart from selling magnifying glasses, you will find normal sunglasses and can ask there to see if they get them ..?Luck!
  • Gabriella


    I think you'd better ask you mum to buy a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses in your local place for you. Does your mum know which kind of sunglasses you like most or which size is suitable for your face? This is a question. I will take my children with me every time I want to buy something for them.
  • Christian george


    Kid, you can ask your mum to buy other things as a gift other than to buy a pair of sunglasses because it is difficult to choose the sunglasses that are right for your face.
  • Gabriella


    That kind of sunglasses is very cool. My dad bought me a pair of that kind of sunglasses last year. But my baby bro broke them when I was in school. It doesn't matter. My dad promised me that he will buy me another pair if I get a good result in the final exams of this term. Wish me good luck!

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