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Melissa duncan


why are my eyes sensitive to light after cataract surgery?

My dad had cataract surgery a few weeks ago. Doctor told us that the surgery was quite successful. But my dad always needs to wear sunglasses when he goes out. He often said that the harsh light make his eyes sore and can't open. If he forgets to wear sunglasses, his eyes will turn out to be watery. Why does this happen? Can you tell me? How to cure this? Is this the side effect of cataract surgery?
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  • smith


    I had a cataract surgery in March. Many people will think that the cataract surgery would be a piece of cake. But sometimes it will bring some side effect such as glare, halos, or awful shadows etc. The doctor often told us it will go away a few weeks later, but if the symptom persists, you should have your eyes checked again. Good luck!
  • Rebecca


    The transition from having a cloudy, cataractous lens that blocked incoming light rays from entering your eye to a crystal clear intraocular lens that now allows all the light rays to enter your eye can make you light-sensitive for a few weeks to months. If you still have some residual postoperative inflammation, then you may still experience light sensitivity.
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  • Michael?griffin


    I have searched on the internet and found that the cataract acts as a UV filter. If it was removed, your eyes will be hit with more energy from the UV spectrum. Your dad needn't have an enhancement surgery. You can just buy him an extra pair of good quality sunglasses and then put them in his bags, so that he will not forget the sunglasses next time. Or you can participate in the activities the Firmoo is having to win a pair of free glasses. Wish you good luck!

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